Rebuking a Leftist Feminist on Target’s Bathroom Policy

I recently made a video rebuking a feminist for her unwarranted attack against people who were concerned about Target’s new bathroom policy. The policy allows transgender individuals to use which ever bathroom they please no questions asked. The no questions asked part worries a lot of folks, because it can open a big door for sex offenders to commit crime including rape, child molestation and pedophilia.

Gretchen Kelly is her name. And the post I refuted may be found here:

This is not a personal attack to Ms. Kelly, but a stern rebuttal to her method of thinking. She is quick to reduce people’s concern to mere fear-mongering, in order to justify what she believes is social justice, and that is inconsiderate of her.

I must admit that I was upset. I did my best to keep myself collective. I couldn’t help but make fun of her hyper-feminist ideas of a rampant rape culture and a society objectifying women, seeing how these ideas are nothing but exaggerations (and real fear-mongering I may add). At the very least, the western world has become a better place for women.

Nevertheless, I made this video primarily to expose a very sinister argument against a legitimate concern for bathroom safety. Please let me know what you think!