Is LSD a great drug to use for depression and exploring your mind?

I am a fan of Black Pigeon Speaks videos on YouTube. Unfortunately I was disappointed when he was (kind of) encouraging the use of LSD in his video “LSD: Microdosing & the Supernatural.”

I’m going to answer the question in a philosophical matter.

Scientists are always discovering new ways to treat psychological disorders such as depression, bipolar and more. In my personal experience with depression, I never saw positive effects of psychiatric medicine in my struggle. I eventually overcame depression when I determined in my mind and heart that I wanted to be happy. Thus, I was able to gather the strength I needed to overcome my depression.

I find this inner strength more valuable than the use of any drug. I can understand the temporary relief LSD can provide, but it is not permanent. And is it truly a solution if the problem is only suppressed but not resolved? Black Pigeon Speaks mean well with his notion of relief. However, I disagree with his idea to use drugs as a solution.

I posted my thoughts on the video’s comment section. Here’s a snapshot of it. Please let me know what you think.

catlyana13: “I’m sorry Black Pigeon, but I have to disagree with using LSD as a way to explore your conscienceness. LSD from what I have learn in the video, sets your mind free like a child. Having a drug produce thoughts, images and ideas we have no control over can not be a good thing. We can not gain a full understanding of complex issues simply by taking a drug. It takes a willful act of our mind and our intellect to explore, learn and solve the mysteries of our nature. And it is not granted that the same experience one time will happen again. There is no consistency in psychedelic episodes, like dreams. How can we determine if they are a vision of another dimension? It’s only an experience in the mind caused by a drug that can manipulate the mind. I personally don’t need LSD. The best weapon against depression is my will to be happy. I faced my personal demons willfully and knowingly with my own strength. LSD is a temporal relief. However, when someone gathers the strength to overcome their problems, the solution becomes permanent, and triumph is sure. And what follows is longer days of happiness that are meaningful.”

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